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Founded in 1986, in Luxembourg, this association expanded rapidly and now has members in all European Union countries.
UEL is a non-profit association with its head-office in Luxembourg.
The main objective of the Union of European Lawyers is to group together lawyers, who practice in the European Union, with a view to the adoption of common approaches in the various practice areas.
The Bylaws of the UEL define its main objectives as follows:

• To promote the practice of Community Law and law related with the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
• To promote European professional practice, the right of establishment and the freedom to provide services.
• To promote the harmonization of legislation, working habits and Professional ethics to which lawyers from the Member States of the European Union are subject.

• To allow Lawyers to contact each other and the European Institutions.
In the European Union, the Union of European Lawyers plays a crucial role for all members of the legal profession.
The UEL’s conferences, publications and meetings are conceived to approach academic and practical subjects and to create conventional spaces where Attorneys from different corpus of rules may meet.
The European Union of Attorneys organizes conferences and seminars in all Member States of the European Union, some of which are organised in co-operation with other bar associations, European institutions and private companies.
The Union’s Congress takes place every year in different places.
The annual General Meeting is held in Luxembourg or in a city where there is an institution or organization of the European Union.
The Working Committees meet periodically.

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