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HAAG law firm believes in and implements the ethical practice of the law.
When considering the many different attitudes towards legal practise, we choose the one based on total independence and the absolute importance of our Clients’ interests, supported by a strong technical capability.

HAAG builds a strong personal relationship with its Clients. Our practice goes far beyond the simple providing of technical and legal services. We view each Client’s interests as a whole and from a perspective of global advice and assistance. Each matter is handled according to its own unique characteristics and by pursuing and implementing the most appropriate and tangible solutions, via the capacity to support multidisciplinary actions.
Our positioning and differentiating factors are the high technical quality of our legal services, the creativity of our solutions, our permanent availability towards our Clients, our personal involvement in each case we represent and our capability to assist our Clients under a multidisciplinary, strategic and global perspective.
In the supply of our services, we ensure the use of very latest conmmunications and information technology, which we strive constantly to optimise.

We also ensure the constant in-service training of our lawyers via continuous internal and external training programs.
We keep up with the technological evolution of the market, particularly in the area of communications and information, and apply these technologies in the supply of our services.



Multidisciplinary approach  
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